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R. Kirk Huntsman, a noted businessman in dental support organizations (DSO), is an active member of his community in Dallas. A proud husband and father, Kirk moved to Dallas in 1984, and he and his family have lived in the town of Coppell in the northwest corner of Dallas since 1991. He has been married for 35 years and has four children and three grandchildren.


R. Kirk HuntsmanKirk has been involved in many local community service projects in Coppell. He and his family are active supporters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Kirk is also active in the local political scene.  He has served on the Executive Advisory Counsel for the Business School at Texas Lutheran University since 2005.  During that time he has volunteered many hours to assist young aspiring business and accounting majors to reach their academic and work goals.

R. Kirk Huntsman has also coached youth sports teams in his area, including soccer, basketball, baseball and football. Kirk played baseball himself as a student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Several of the youth players he has coached have gone on to earn Division I scholarships at major universities.  One of his student athletes was selected as a First Team Freshman All-American while playing football for the University of Texas in Austin.  His own son plays football for BYU, where he lettered his freshman year.

An entrepreneur for decades, R. Kirk Huntsman has gained significant startup experience across dental management, dental practice valuations and transactions, and other medical services. He enjoys collaborating with other business professionals and learning about the latest developments in his industry.

Not only does R. Kirk Huntsman have significant start-up experience in the diverse market sectors  of dental management as well as in dental practice valuations and transitions, but Kirk also boasts skills in the industries of multi-location retail, finance, a myriad of consulting projects, outsourced services, import/export (specifically with China), medical services, and software-based technology.

“The key to success,” says Kirk, “is broad vision with strong leadership and strategic planning skills.” To that end, R. Kirk Huntsman is action oriented and he possesses a keen ability to confront the reality of any situation. “I’ve been told I have a unique talent when it comes to devising plans that work, that actually serve to change and improve existing systems by offering tangible results,” says R. Kirk Huntsman.

Known for building strong senior and mid-level management teams that positively effects the bottom line, R. Kirk Huntsman knows how to build and manage profitable multi-million dollar operations.